Isn't all shampoo the same??

Did you know all shampoos are not created Equally?

Does your shampoo have sodium lauryl sulfate? (SLS)

They are effective cleansers, inexpensive and lather well. Unfortunately, because they have a strong detergent quality, they are harsh on the hair and scalp. They are one major cause of color fadage.

Other troublesome ingredients include sodium chloride (salt), parabens and EDTA, a clarifier that can cause damage and strip color.

Petroleum based products may contain carcinogenic contaminates.

People ask me often why I only carry Davines products or how is it any different from drug store shampoo or why it is so expensive. 

These are just a couple of reason. Most drug store brands contain large amounts of water. why would you pay for a bottle of mostly water when you can get it free from the shower head?

Many say that they can not afford to use better products, but if you color your hair you can't afford not to.

Have questions? Reach out and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Amanda WrightComment