Should I go with clean hair or dirty hair to the salon?

I am asked this question all the time. The answer varies depending on the situation and type of service that you will be receiving.

Updo's or wedding/prom styles: The days of going in "dirty" are over. I think dirty used to mean second day back when this was the general rule. Now a days we go 2 or 3 days without washing and this is the new norm. Dry shampoo has offered us this luxury. When it comes to special event hair, I ALWAYS tell my brides to come with their hair clean and dry. Using a clarifying shampoo before the event is even better. This removes any build up that may be on the hair from drug store brand shampoos and conditioners that will cause the hair not to hold a curl or to look oily. It can also help give the hair more body. Many times I have members of bridal parties show up with dirty or wet hair and it causes the schedule to get thrown off because it takes much more time to finish these styles. Most salons will charge an additional fee to blow dry or rewash hair before doing a special event service. Just remember that you will have less time to spend on perfecting the style if you have to spend half of your allotted time doing additional services. 

Hair Color/ Highlights: Coming into the salon with dirty hair for a chemical service is totally okay. As long as it is not excessive such as major hairspray build up. Having some oils on the scalp can help fight against irritation of the scalp from the color. 

Hair Cuts: If you are getting a full shampoo, cut and style it is unnecessary to wash the hair prior to service. If you are getting a dry haircut however, it is highly recommended to come in with clean dry hair. This will help when it comes to getting straight lines and even layers. 

I hope that this helps end some of the confusion on the clean/dirty hair debate!! Enjoy your visits into the salon! And remember that your shampoo is the foundation of every style. A good shampoo is worth every penny. 

Amanda Wright1 Comment